President’s address

Fellow Peacekeepers:
This message is to welcome you to the latest Thin Blue Line newsletter, the second to be assembled by our Board Chair, Ron Griffis.  The COVID-19 pandemic continues to force us to stay home with the closure on many stores, Legions, bowling alleys and other gathering places.  However, there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel: the premiers of BC, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec have started to reduce the restrictions in their provinces.  The Maritime Provinces also appear to have a handle on their latest increases.  The numbers of vaccinations to be received in June and over the summer appear enough to have 70% of first dose recipients inoculated and more than 50% of second doses given. Just remember that sometimes the light in the tunnel is a speeding locomotive!
However, please continue to wear a mask, watch your distancing, and stay within your family unit if possible until it is time to resume some sort of normalcy.  Please get your vaccinations whenever you are eligible.  I hope that various Chapters will be able to hold Chapter meeting face-to-face within the next couple of months.
I hope that you enjoy this edition of the TBL; please do let us know whether it is what you expect, or it is not, but also let us know what your expectations are and how and what we can do to improve the TBL.  Do not be afraid to contribute stories, trips, or whatever you think our organization needs to be informed about.  This echoes my plea from April!  I hope that everyone will have a great summer, and can get together with friends, families, and others.
Rick Wright, CD
National President
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