Membership information

Membership Categories

Honorary Member – Members who actively support the goals of the Association but are otherwise not eligible for ordinary or associate membership. Honorary status is conferred by the National Board of Directors. Honorary members are not granted voting privileges.

Ordinary and Associate Membership eligibility

Ordinary Membership applies to Canadian Citizens who served with the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces until terminated by the United Nations under conditions other than dishonorable. Either Proof of service or a sponsor’s certification of personal knowledge of that service is required with all application forms.

As approved by the 6th Annual General Meeting of the Association in Calgary on October 18, 1997, Associate membership applies to Canadian citizens who served in mission areas for any period of time as a member of, or in support of, peacekeeping forces, observer groups, action groups, or any other such organizations in which Canadian participation was sanctioned by the Government of Canada and which were not under the auspices of the United Nations. (Eg: MFO Sinai, IFOR, SFOR). The criteria, (including proof or certification of service), rights and obligations of Associate Members are identical to those of Ordinary Members.

How do I become a member?

Peacekeeping veterans who reside in an area with a local Chapter can contact the Chapter for further information. Peacekeeping veterans who do not live in the vicinity of one of our Chapters may write to National Headquarters.

You may also print the Application Form and submit it with supporting documentation and a cheque for the initiation fee. Please print clearly on the form and be sure to date and sign it.

Initiation Fees & Annual Renewals

Fees can vary between Chapters. If you do not have a local Chapter in your area and are applying to the Headquarters Chapter the initiation fee is $30.00 and annual renewals are currently set at $20.00. If you are applying to a local Chapter please check with them to determine their fees.

For more information, please e-mail: [email protected]

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